Alandsbeek Neighborhood event
in Leusden

Neighborhood event as a thank you

Commissioned by Amvest and MVGM – Brightlot, together with Raad & Daad, realized a Spring Neighborhood drink in the Alandsbeek district of Amersfoort.

In the past year, a lot of work has been done on the (rental) properties in Alandsbeek. Amvest has made the houses more sustainable, improved and embellished, which means that the enjoyment of living is guaranteed for a number of years. Proud of the result and therefore it was time for a party!

After some creative brainstorming, it was decided to organize a mini-food truck festival. An accessible drink for young and old to enjoy. To invite the residents, a happy spring invitation was distributed house-to-house and the sign-up poured in.

Read the reaction from the neighboring forces albeek here.

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